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3 1/2 stars

*First and foremost with CamelBak water bottles, you need to understand that you don’t just suck…you have to bite the plastic valve first, and then suck (like a straw, but only with a little more effort).

Ideal Uses: Office (know that lipstick is not easily removed sometimes from mouth valve), by your bedside, or when you are medically required to increase your water intake.

Where Not to Use:  Airplane or leave in your car on a hot day (or any situation in which the bottle could become pressurized and leak), not recommended to take to the beach near sand or dust that could attach to the mouthpiece.


The marketing and placement of the CamelBak plays in their favor; but overall, the sheer numbers of reviewers of this product are satisfied; i.e. and with CamelBak’s great customer service to validate their lifetime guarantee, this bottle can undoubtedly find a use in your life.

CamelBak redesigned the cap and bite valve for the Eddy, and used a larger circumference for the straw to deliver more water faster to the drinker than the ‘Better Bottle’ (see my review of the Better Bottle here).  You also have the option to take the straw off and tip the bottle back and drink.

The spout cap is now fully covered and integrated as part of the removable rubber bite valve cover which protects it from being damaged.  The Better Bottle’s cap end, which you use to flip the spout open was exposed and made of hard plastic…a needed upgrade as it broke off on my ‘Better Bottle.’

The bottle has good capacity that reduces the number of trips you need to take to the refill station and saves you time.

The wide opening and large capacity allows for you to add fruit and flavoring as well as ice cubes.

The clear strip down the side marks the water levels in both ounces (oz.) and milliliters (ml).

CamelBak’s patented bite valve and straw enables you to get your water without having to tip the bottle up.

The bite valve is also easy for kids to use and does not require them to lift the bottle.

This bottle is good for the backpack and while its handle at the top does not allow for a wide backpack strap to be put through, I was able to easily strap it in with a common backpack hook.

The hook also enables you to simply hook your finger through it after you have your hands full carrying other stuff in the office or at home.

It is top rack dishwasher safe.  While the bottle is tinted, it is still clear enough to see the contents and how much you have left.  This model holds up to .7L and is also available in 1.0L, .6L & Kids .4L sizes.

Some more information about CamelBak’s customer service  provides great customer service should you have any problems with your water bottle, such as parts breaking; they will send you a new one (all you have to do is fill out the request on their website; click here to visit).

Great idea to protect the integrity of the spout and it also works to protect things the bottle may knock into. needless to say the thing was just begging to be chipped or broken with every drop or fumble. Great upgrade!

Lastly, you are able to drop this bottle, it is very durable…probably not indestructible, but definitely able to handle the accidental drops.


Bottom Line: This bottle leaks and cannot be depended upon to (i.e. placed in a backpack with electronics that are not water proof).

Appearance: The quality of what arrives after you order it varies; scuffing has been reported as well as bite valves where the slit is not opened (at all or enough).  If this happens I recommend contacting CamelBak customer service…they may simply advise you to use a razor blade to fix the slit.  The problem with this though is some have slit the bite valve too far doing it on their own and now their bite valve leaks more than it normally would.  Also, the stickers placed on the side of the water bottle are very difficult to get off…they must be affixed with some industrial strength glue or something.

Functionality:  The bite valve is hard and difficult to flip at first, making you have to bite down hard.  This should loosen up after a couple of weeks though…then there have been some reports of the bite valve being unable to stay in the down position.  Without being able to place the bite valve in the ‘lock-down’ position, you then cannot place the Eddy Bottle in bags where you are depending on the bottle not to leak.

Then, if you’re out of breath and really thirsty, it’s tough to get enough water through the ‘straw,’ because (a) you have to drink through your clenched teeth, as biting is required to open the straw, and (b) breathing through your nose as you drink is difficult, because of the placement of the handle directly in front of your nose.

Sometimes though, you just tire of always ‘pulling’ for water and desire the open cap flow system.

Should you be at the beach or working around fine particles, there is no protector for the cap which seems to draw sand and dirt to it when outside unless you thoroughly wipe it down beforehand.

IMG_5063Since this bottle is not the insulated model, if you put ice into it, it is going to have condensation build up on the outside of the bottle; this is referred to as ‘sweating.’

Lastly, should you be holding the bottle a certain way at a certain time, it makes a sound when you suck water through the straw.  Don’t ask me how or why, but yes, at times it does this.

Physical Aspects: The bottle is a little large to get your hand around if you have small hands, and the biggest complaint…too big to fit in most cup holders (24 oz. apparently fits nicely).

When the .7L is full, it can be a little heavy and if carrying only by the hook can result in the CamelBak swinging back and so you want to be careful not to have the bottle swing wide and hit something or someone.

Another big complaint is the growth of mold; mold in the bite valve, mold in the straw, mold in the cap where the straw and cap connect, and mold where a screw holds the pieces of the cap together.

Continual cleaning of the bite valve by pushing cleaning products through it will loosen the sealing capability of the bite valve.

After cleaning, the straw is hard to place back into the cap…straw also has problems staying in place when ice is in the CamelBak.

Lastly, the hinge has reportedly broken upon dropping but that is covered by the lifetime guarantee.



The first time I noticed water dripping all over me and on the floor was when I went to refill the Eddy.

The large straw retained a good amount of water and as I held the cap to refill the CamelBak Eddy, it leaked right out.

Next, it was when I left the Eddy in my car on a day where the temperature reached between 70 and 80 degrees.  I came back, got in my car and started driving…I reached for the CamelBak Eddy and not only did water drip out from the bite valve all over my hand, the bottom of the water bottle was dripping water all over me and my car center console.  Upon further investigation, there was quite a large puddle of water in the cup holder that leaked from the CamelBak being left in the car.  Upon studying this phenomenon, the bottle cannot handle being pressurized; either by being left in your car, taken on a plane, or mountain climbing at high altitude.

NOTE#1:  CamelBak does warn (see ‘flying friendly skies) against flying with the bottle as well as placing carbonated drinks in the bottle as pressure may build and come out the bite valve.

I have already covered the bite valve leaking when not being able to be placed in the locked-down position, but the bite valve leaks out the water of whatever is left in the bite valve when you lock it down.

NOTE #2: CamelBak does have tips on their website for troubleshooting a leaky water bottle.

Science: The bottle and the straw are Eastman Tritan(tm) polyester Bisphenol-A free plastic (BPA free).  The bite valve material is made of medical grade silicone.  The cap is made of Polypropylene.  No clear recycling code on the bottle or the lid because CamelBak says their bottle is meant to be used, not recycled.  If they were to place a recycling code on their water bottle, it would be #7.

Cost: Approximately $10-$15

Where to buyAmazon DICK’s REI Target

Contact CamelBak customer service, click here

Where it was made: China

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